ColorPlus™ with Max-AI®

This optical sorter integrates ColorPlus™ technology and Max-AI® technology to create a revolutionary new sorter with unmatched detection abilities. The ColorPlus sorter employs a high-resolution RGB line-scan sensor to identify and sort recyclables by color. Max-AI technology employs a camera and neural network based artificial intelligence (AI) to identify recyclables similar to the way a person does. Max’s person-like identification decisions is an additional layer of intelligence that, when added to the ColorPlus sorter’s highly accurate and high volume color sorting, creates new sorting capabilities. For example, in a fiber application the ColorPlus precisely targets brown OCC while Max targets all OCC and boxboard of various colors. This results in higher recovery and purity of both paper and OCC, with lower product loss and decreased labor. 



  • RGB Line scan camera scans 5,000 times/second to analyze visible color with up to 2048 pixel resolution
  • Object-tracking algorithm scans accurately identify commodities and target the optimal ejection point


  • Multi-layered vision system and neural networks “see” and “think” similar to a person to identify materials


  • Remote diagnostics, adjustments and upgrades
  • Real-time and trending material composition analysis with the Total Intelligence Platform
  • Width sizes from 36″ to 120″


The NRT ColorPlus™ with Max-AI® is capable of:

  • Identify specific fiber grades (ex. brown OCC, colored OCC, boxboard)
  • Capture form-specific PET (ex. bottle only, blue/green bottle only, etc.)
  • Capture food-grade only PET
  • Identify black plastics, thermoform trays and other items

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