In 2012, NRT was acquired by longtime partner Bulk Handling Systems (BHS). BHS designs, manufactures and integrates material recovery facilities (MRFs) throughout the world in a variety of industries. BHS prides itself on Vision, Innovation and Collaboration, and a commitment to using the world’s most advanced technology. The combination of NRT’s technology and experience with BHS’ global network and expertise has truly made both companies stronger. In early 2013, we were pleased to welcome Nihot and its world-class air separation technology to the BHS family.

In addition to BHS’ network, NRT utilizes strong strategic relationships with overseas companies for selling our products and for providing customer service in Europe and Asia. Most of our customers operate facilities on a 24/7 basis, and NRT has developed a reputation in the industry for quick and effective response.

NRT has in-house sales, engineering, manufacturing, service and support, and IT teams to develop all of NRT’s components and software. NRT also maintains a strong R&D department and is consistently a market leader for improving existing and innovating new technologies.

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